Best-in-class all electric airport ground service equipment with unmatched features, safety and handling


Built tough, incredible torque, minimal maintenance, and better for the environment.


Operator-prioritized, including features and comforts without compromising safety.


Modular design allows for easy customization, thoughtful mobility, and seamless experience.


Zero carbon footprint while operating and purpose-built for sustainability.

Save money instantly by going electric!

Hallor's zero emission electric tractors are the safest and best performing modular GSE tractor system available. Proudly manufactured and serviced in Canada.

This unit is packed with engineered features and ready for all seasons, with one charge lasting a full day's work. Utilize the power of the Green Ox while making maintenance easy and cost-efficient.

Upgrade your fleet today and take advantage of carbon offset grants and instant operational cost savings.

Why Choose Green Ox?


Reduce Costs & Maintenance

  • Virtually zero maintenance
  • Battery-operated with zero fuel cost
  • Zero proprietary charging plugs required
  • Readily-available consumable parts
  • Modular system reduces excess stock inventory
  • Eligible for government energy rebate/grant programs


Highest Safety & Increased Staff Retention

  • Lower centre of gravity than a military Humvee
  • Anti-fatigue design
  • High visibility of staff in compliance to safety
  • Familiar and easy to operate design
  • Quiet operation for increased situational awareness


High Performance & Mobility

  • Easy to operate: superior traction and ride experience
  • Modular system for increased fl eet utility
  • Integrated data monitoring and telematics
  • Front-Wheel Drive for improved control
  • Full charge = 2 standard 8-hour work shifts


Contribute to Sustainable Efforts

  • Purpose-built with focus on sustainability
  • Reliable, affordable, and 98% recyclable Lead Acid Flood batteries
  • Meets mandates to lower carbon emissions with clean, green energy

Key Features

Anti-Fatique & Anti-Tip Design
Drive Train: FWD / AWD
Li-Ion / Lead Acid Flood Batteries
Passenger Seat Capacity: 3
Telematics Package Available
Carbon Credit & Grant Eligible
1-Year Full Coverage Manufacturer's Warranty Included

Terms & Conditions apply

Airport EV Tractor

Modularly Customizable

Carts & Trailers

Coming soon!

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